You can set up discounts in Abode that can be manually applied to your bookings. To set up promo codes for your AbodeBooking website see How do I enable promotional codes for my website booking page?

  1. Select Settings > System Settings > Field Selection > Check the Discount box in the Screen column. This will enable the field in your calendar booking screen.

  2. Select Settings > Accommodation Setup > Discount Options.

  3. Enter the Item name > the Description > select the discount Type (Fixed amount, percentage or price list) > enter the Value select Add Discount. Note: please see footnotes for instructions on creating a discount for a particular price type.

  4. To apply the discount select it from the Discount field on the individual or group booking screen.

Footenote: To create a discount for a particular price type (and/or date range) -

  1. Create the discount as described above and use the Price list discount type with a value of '0'.

  2. Select Settings > Seasonal Rates. Add a new rate with your discount selected, and enter the unit cost. Select the 'plus' button to add the discounted price.