Create an account with Lightspeed or log in to your account

If you don't already have a Lightspeed account, go to the Lightspeed web page and sign up for a free trial. On our Lite plan, you can try all available features with up to 10 sales a day. No credit card is required.

Once signed up, log in to your Lightspeed account.

Connect Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series) and Abode

  1. Sign in to your Abode account and go to your settings at the top right of your browser window

  2.  Then, in the drop-down click on Account.

  3. Next, click on the 'Apps' tab.

  4. Find “Lightspeed - POS Software” in the table, and click on the "Connect" button.
    Note: Please be already logged in to your Lightspeed account in another browser window or tab.

Next, allow Abode to access your Lightspeed account. An “Authorisation Required” window will open and ask you to select the company to be accessed. Select the company name you have given while setting up your Lightspeed account. Confirm with “Grant Access”.

If successful, the system redirects you back to your Abode account showing the App screen again, this time with a green button stating “Settings” in the Lightspeed - POS Software” section.

Congratulations, Abode and Lightspeed are now connected.