The Abode Unlimited PMS allows you to create custom paragraphs of text that can to linked to specific price types in your system. This means, for example, that reminder emails can be sent with different check-in information depending on the type booked.

  1. Create your generic email template in Settings > Messaging > Templates. For example, create your reminder template to be sent 3 days before arrival, reminding the guest of their stay, and how to find the property. Ensure to Save Changes.

  2. Next, create your price specfic text by selecting Settings > Messaing > Text. Select the Add button to create your new paragraph, and give it a name.

  3. Enter the check-in details for that type and a sign off message if necessary.

  4. To link your paragraph to your email template, select Settings > Messaging > Paragraphs. Select your Template, Price and Text and select the Add button.

  5. To test what your email will look like, enter a dummy booking into a unit in the calendar with that price and click the Email button. Select the template you wish to view.