If someone contacts to cancel a booking you can easily do this in your system to free up the space for someone else. You can also un-cancel the booking if it was a mistake!

  1. Select the booking to be cancelled.
  2. Select 'Cancel Booking'. Confirm with OK.
  3. The booking will disappear form the calendar.

How do I reinstate a cancelled booking?

  1. Select 'Search' from the menu.

  2. Enter as many details as you can and select 'Yes' from the 'Cancelled?' field. A list of cancelled bookings that apply to your entered details appears below.

  3. Select the booking number of the booking you want to reinstate.
  4. The booking will open. Select 'Reinstate Booking'. Confirm with OK.

  5. The booking will become an 'unallocated' booking at the top of your calendar. Select the room/bed from the 'Allocate' field.

  6. The booking will re-enter that space.