The "Room Occupancy" shows you the occupancy of each room/bed to a given period of time under certain circumstance and certain filters.

To see the "Room Occupancy" report, navigate to Reports > Room Occupancy.

At the top, select the specific report you would like to see:

  • Room Occupancy
  • Room Nights
  • Room Available
  • Guest Occupancy
  • Guest Nights
  • Average Rate
  • Room Revenue
  • RevPAR (Revenue per available room)

Select the period of time you would like the report to be displayed:

Select the filters in the dropdown if you would like to only show certain room types:

  • All room types or one specific room type
  • Physical or virtual rooms
  • Physical or virtual bookings

You can also remove a specific room from the table. Just uncheck the room in the top bar of the table you don't want to display any more:

To export the guest information in an Excel file, print the list or send it as an email, use one of the corresponding buttons below the table.