Note: This applies to customers using the Abode booking engine only. If using Abode's booking engine through other suppliers please contact them directly.

If you want to show only certain information or set some parameters as default, like the start date, customers can book from or the total numbers of nights the booking engine shows, use URL parameters.

  1. Select Settings > Website > Website (default)

  2. Scroll down until you see the "URL Parameters" section.

    This section displays the different URL parameters you can use.

For example, if you would like to keep the booking engine within the iframe instead of being opened in a new browser window/tab, use the &target=_self parameter. To only show certain room types, use the "prices" of the room types. If you would like to show multiple room types, separate them with a comma.

In the example below, the hostel uses the &target=_self parameter and shows 3 different styles of rooms in the calendar. 

<iframe id="abodebooking" src=",6beddorm,8beddorm" style="min-width:100%;border-width:0px;"></iframe>