Abode offers an easy-to-use booking engine that can be quickly added to your existing website. The minimum you need to do is add the link to your website, but many more customisation features are available. You can find information on adding URL parameters at the end of this article.

Adding the booking engine to your website

We recommend using your website developer to help you add your booking engine. If you have built your website yourself, it's easy to add using your personalised link.

Each URL contains the name of your property (?hostel=propertyname). You can find the URL for your property in Settings > Website > Website.

There are three options to choose from:

  1. Suitable for a 'Book Now' button. This URL will start on 'Step 1' of the booking process. https://www.smartbooking.co.nz/sfxbook/?hostel=demojemma

    (See button HTML)
    <a href="https://smartbooking.co.nz/sfxbook/?hostel=demojemma" target="_self">Book Now</a>

  2. Embedded into your website in an iframe. The link will look like this https://www.smartbooking.co.nz/sfxbook/step_search.php?hostel=demojemma

    (See iframe resizer script)

    <script src="https://smartbooking.co.nz/sfxbook/js/iframeResizer.min.js"></script>

    <iframe id="abodebooking" src="https://smartbooking.co.nz/sfxbook/step_search.php?hostel=demojemma" style="min-width:100%;border-width:0px;"></iframe>


  3. The 'single type' option is good for properties with only one or two booking options.

    (See iframe resizer script)

    <script src="https://smartbooking.co.nz/sfxbook/js/iframeResizer.min.js"></script>

    <iframe id="abodebooking" src="https://smartbooking.co.nz/sfxbook/step_calendar.php?hostel=demojemma" style="min-width:100%;border-width:0px;"></iframe>


Customising your booking engine display

If you wish to customise your booking engine display further, several more options are available. Using 'URL parameters, you can determine the available options. Adding the parameter to the end of your booking link.

For example:

  • The &price= displays only the specified price types. Useful for linking straight to each type from the accommodation page on your website. 
  • The &nights= displays the specified number of nights. Useful if you are using to advertise a minimum nights promotion. Also useful in the 'single type' option to constrict the number of months displayed at one time.
  • The &zero=true allows guests to book when the rate is $0. Useful if you are providing a special link to certain guests who receive free accommodation.

See more parameters below -