To sell a room as a different occupancy type, you can use the 'virtual rooms' feature in Abode. (This feature is available in the 'Standard' and 'Ultimate' subscriptions. Request for this feature to be enabled by emailing

Examples are selling a '4 Bed Dorm' as a 'Private Family Room', or connecting two adjoining rooms as an 'Apartment'.

You can also choose specific rooms this affects. (Note: If all of one room type has an alternative price type, this can be linked in Accommodation Options. For example, a set of rooms that have a double and a single bed could have 'Double', 'Single' and 'Twin' prices linked together. How do I set up alternative price types in Abode?)

  1. Select Settings > Accommodation > Accommodation Options > Create new type/price. In the example below, we have created the 'Whole Dorm' type. Read how to create a new price type here.

  2. Select Settings > Accommodation > Room Setup to create the new room. In the example below, we have created a room '9' with the type 'Whole Dorm'. Read how to create a new room here.

  3. Select Settings > Accommodation > Virtual Rooms to link the new room to the existing beds/rooms. Link the new 'virtual room' to each bed/room you want to connect to.

  4. Test your new setup is working by entering dummy bookings into your calendar. (Delete these afterwards.)

  5. Once complete, click to refresh the virtual blocks (this will reset the bookings in your calendar)