Request connection to SU Staah for Bookit

Note: Please ensure any unused room types in Bookit have been removed before connecting. If any types connect be removed because of forward bookings, ensure to apply a stop-sell after connection.

Send an email to and ensure you cc (copy in) including the below information.

Subject line:

(Your Bookit property ID) + Property Name

Email content:

Please may I request to change my channel manager to SU Staah.

Property ID: (Enter property ID)

Property name: (Enter property name)

  • I can verify that the room types and rates in Bookit are correct
  • I can confirm that I have all of my new bookings
  • I would like to go ahead immediately

Please close my availability for the next 12 months whilst mapping is being configured. You will be alerted when my availability is ready to be opened again.

Please copy in to your reply.