There are some situations where you would need to send a full refresh of your availability/rates/restrictions to your channel manager. These may be:

  • Your channel manager has asked you to send a full refresh
  • Your availability/rates/restrictions look incorrect in your channel manager
  • You have changed your room/bed configurations and need to send an updated inventory
  • You have made a large update to your rates/restrictions in Abode and want to make sure all updates are sent through

Please note that sending rates/restrictions from Abode depends on your integration setup. Please contact Abode if you are unsure.

  1. Select Settings > Staah/SiteMinder/Levart.

  2. Select Send full refresh? > Save Changes.

  3. Select the Updates tab and check the updates have been successful.

  4. Check the inventory/rates/restrictions are correct in your channel manager. If you experience any problems or have any questions please contact immediately.