Abode allows you to link different price alternatives to the same inventory type. You can also choose whether these are available on your channel manager and website.

  1. Select Settings > Accommodation > Accommodation Options.

  2. Select Create new type/price.

  3. Enter the price Name/Identifier > enter a Long Description (if using on an AbodeBooking website page) > select the Inventory you will be using > select if Shared/Mixed type (this should be the same as your inventory type) enter the Rate and any extra persons if necessary. Save Changes once complete.

  4. You will now see in Accommodation Options the two Price options with the same Type.

  5. If using the AbodeBooking Website Booking Engine: Select Settings > Website Setup > Price Types.

  6. Select the Edit button at the end of the row.

  7. Edit the price description, add OFFLINE to make it invisible on your website, and add details to the rollover description. Select Save once complete.