Please bear in mind that if you have a channel manager integration, you will need to make sure your online availability is correct. Therefore please make sure you have the time to complete all steps before starting.

  1. Select Settings > Accommodation > Room Setup.

  2. Select the Close (X) button of the room/bed you wish to close.

  3. Enter the last valid night (the default will be today) and select OK.

  4. If there are any future bookings in the space, they will need to be moved/cancelled first. (Blocked bookings do not count and will be overwritten.)

  5. You will now see a block in your calendar. This is in place to prevent any online bookings. It is important that you do not remove this block. As the calendar rolls over to the next day, the bed/room line will disappear from view.

  6. If using a channel manager ensure you update your availability by selecting Settings > SiteMinder/Staah/StaahSU and selecting the Send Full Sync button.