Please note this article applies only to Abode users with a SiteMinder integration.

Restrictions can be sent from Abode to your channels, (via your SiteMinder channel manager). You may already be setting your restrictions in SiteMinder and want to set them in Abode instead. Or you may be a new user and want to set up your restrictions to be sent from Abode. To enable the restrictions feature in Abode please contact

The type of restrictions that can be sent are: Closed, Closed to Arrival (CTA), Closed to Departure (CTD), Minimum Length of Stay (LOS) and Maximum Length of Stay (LOS). These features enable you to restrict guest arrivals and/or departures  and length of stay for certain days.

  1. Select Settings > Accommodation Setup > Restrictions.

  2. You can select the date range from the date picker. The coloured numbers signify how many available beds/rooms you have for that date.

  3. Check the boxes under the dates you want to Close/Close to arrival/Close to departure the bed/room. Select the number of day you want for the Minimum/Maximum LOS.

  4. For longer changes select the Change restrictions over multiple days button.

  5. Select the type you want the change to be applied > The restriction action > Select 'Yes' if you want to apply the restriction value > Select the first day and the last day the restriction is applied > Select the days of the week the restriction is applied. Select Save Changes.