Creating a group booking in Abode allows more than one booking to have the same booking number. It will also allow you to manage the bookings individually if necessary.

  1. Select the date and room/bed for the first guest.

  2. Enter the necessary booking information then select Open Group.

  3. To add individual rooms/beds select 'New' from the table. Select an available room/bed from the list. It will copy the information from the first booking if available.

  4. For big bookings and add several rooms/beds at once, select Add Multiple Rooms.

  5. You can search by room (1), filter by type (2), select all in the list (3), select individually (4), and once complete save changes (5).

  6. Individual fields can be changed from the group booking screen, or you can open each individual booking.

  7. Make bulk changes to a group using the bottom line of the table. Also view the group invoice using the total Cost.

  8. You can also make group actions using the main buttons on the screen.