Please note this article applies to Standard and Ultimate Abode system users only.

(If adding a user to access multiple property accounts, enter their same email address as a user in each system. The user can then switch between account by selecting the property name in the top left.)

  1. Select Settings > Users > User Permissions. You must be logged in as the 'admin' user to see this menu.

  2. Enter the users email address and name. Note the email address must belong to the individual, as this is where their password will be sent - use a personal address if necessary.

  3. Select the appropriate restrictions for the user: Do you want the system to be read only? Do you want the user to view guest card details? Do you want the user to view reports? Do you want the user to be able to make setup changes? Do you want the user to be able to use the Till/Register?

  4. Select the 'Add' button at the end of the row. An automatically generated password will be sent to their email address. They can use this to log in and then choose their own password using the Change Password tab.

  5. To remove a user from the system select Delete at the end of the row and select OK when prompted.