Please note this article is for users of the Standard and Ultimate versions of Abode only.

There are two ways to add sales items to your system. Items can be added to a booking (on account) from the guests booking screen, or they can be added to the system directly using the Sales menu item. Follow the instructions below for setting up your sales items in the system.

  1. Set up your sale item categories in Settings > Sales Setup > Sale Category.

  2. Enter the Value and Description and select Add Category.

  3. To add your items and prices select Settings > Sales Setup > Sale Items.

  4. Select the category from the drop down menu. Enter the Item name, the Tax applied, total Number that can be purchased in one transaction and the Price. Select Add Sale Item.

  5. Continue adding categories and items as needed. They will now become available as options when adding sale items to bookings and to the main Sales menu. To edit existing items select the blue Edit icon. To delete select the blue Delete icon.