This article is for users with the AbodeBooking website booking page.

AbodeBooking allows you to set minimum stays and restricted check/in out for certain dates on your website.

  1. Select Settings > Website > Events.

  2. Enter the information into the fields:

    Title: The name of the restriction
    Description: Extra information that will be displayed on the booking form (optional)
    Start: The start date of the restriction
    End: The end date of the restriction (the same day as 'Start' if one night)
    Min Nights: The minimum number of nights required to make a booking within the start and end dates
    Apply to: The type of bed/room you want the event to apply to. The default 'All Prices', will apply to all bed/room types
    Prevent check in/out: Select this option if you would like prevent check-in and check-out within the specified dates
    Show on website: Select 'Yes' if the restriction is to be displayed on your website booking page

  3. Select Add Event to save your changes.