To reserve the number of spaces available to your channel manager, you can use the Inventory & Rates page in Abode. This allows you to manage your online availability whilst still having space open in your calendar for manual bookings.

(For customers using Abode for their website booking engine: To reserve the number of spaces available on your website, enable this in Settings > Website > Options > Reserve space on booking page = ON.)

  1. To reserve space over short periods of time select the corresponding 'Reserve' boxes in line with the price type and date you wish to change. In this example, 2 double rooms are being reserved for the 16/17/18 October.

  2. The available dorm beds sent to your channel manager would be '1' for the 16/17/18 August because there are a total of 3 rooms.

  3. If you wish to set the availability of your beds/rooms over a longer period of time, select the Bulk update inventory button.

  4. In this example 4 dorm beds are reserved every day of the week for the next year. Ensure to Save Changes once finished.

  5. Sometimes large updates require a full sync to be sent. If you notice after your updates that your online channels are not displaying the new inventory, select Settings > Channel Manager (SiteMinder/Staah/Levart/SU/Channex) > Send full sync. After a few minutes all updates will be sent through.