Creating a new price type in AbodeBooking is easy, but it is important to consider the impact this can have on other aspects of your bookings, reporting, website and channel manager. First ask yourself the questions:

  • Do I need a new price type, or do I just want to increase/decrease my rates?
  • Does my new price type need to be available in my channel manager?
  • Am I trying to creative an alternative price option for existing rooms?

If your answer is yes to any of those questions, please contact where our friendly tech support would be happy to help.

  1. To create a new price type select Settings > Accommodation > Accommodation Options and select Add.

  2. Enter the information for all relevant fields:

    Name/Identifier - the name of the price e.g. double, twin, cottage
    Room type - create a new room type or link to an existing one
    Accommodation style - choose private, shared, or specify from the list
    Tax - choose a tax percentage if different from the default
    Base rate/night - enter the base rate for your new price type
    Persons included in base rate - the number of people included in the price type
    Max persons in a room of this type - maximum number of people in the room (1 if a bed)
    Extra adult rate (if applicable) - rate for extra adults if not included in base rate
    Extra child rate (if applicable) - rate for extra children in not included in base rate

    Choose if you want to connect the new type to your website/channels.

    Select Save Changes

  3. If creating a new room/bed, attach your new price type to your new room/bed in Room Setup (see instructions here).