Note: This article applies to existing Staah customers integrating with a new Abode system.

Once your Abode system has been created, you can easily re-post your existing bookings from Staah into Abode. It is important to follow all the steps in one go, so make sure you have notified Staah you wish to integrate and have a date and time agreed.

  1. Important: A stop sell must be applied in Staah before starting to protect you from double bookings whilst carrying out the next steps. Please request support from Staah to do this if you are unsure.

  2. Wait for your Staah and Abode support teams to confirm they have successfully integrated and enabled the systems.

  3. Log in to your Staah extranet, and have your bookings report open with all future bookings, sorted by arrival date.

  4. Select the Re-post button on the first booking.

  5. Check in your Abode system that this has successfully entered into the calendar (or view the Bookings menu).

  6. Continue selecting Re-post on each booking in Staah until all have successfully entered Abode.

  7. Once you can confirm all bookings are in Abode (including any manual bookings that may have not been in Staah), select in Abode Settings > Staah > Send full sync. Wait 5 minutes and then check your inventory is correct in Staah.

  8. Once you can confirm all bookings are in Abode and your inventory is correct in Staah, please ask Staah to remove your stop sell.