Abode offers an easy to use booking engine that can be quickly added to your existing website. The minimum you need to do is add the link to your website, but many more customisation features are available.

Adding the booking engine to your website

We recommend using your website developer to help you add your booking engine. If you have built your website yourself, it's easy to add using your personalised link. You can find your personalised link in Settings > Website.

There are two options to choose from:

  1. Embedded into your website in an iFrame. The link will look like this https://www.smartbooking.co.nz/sfxbook/step_search.php?hostel=demojemma

  2. Suitable for a 'Book Now' button. This link will look like this (note the 'step_search.php' has been removed from the URL) https://www.smartbooking.co.nz/sfxbook/?hostel=demojemma

In October 2021 Abode also release a new iFrame option that shows available days for a single room type with drop-down selection to switch between room types.

It's a good option for properties with only one or two spaces.
The new iFrame option is fully responsive, so it can be viewed on mobile devices, and such as our default iFrame option, it supports parameters e.g. &nights etc.

Customising your room type names

You can add more information to your room type names in Settings > Accommodation > Price Types. Select the blue Edit icon at the end of each line to change the description.

In the Additional Details box, you can add a room description and images from your website.