AbodeBooking allows you to customise the header and footer of the invoices you send from the system. 

Use the text edit buttons available (similar to most systems using text editing), or use the 'Code View' for a fully customised template.

  1. Select Settings > System Setup > Form Text.

  2. The INVOICE HEADER is the information at the top of your invoice. The INVOICE FOOTER is the information at the bottom of your invoice. The content in between is automatically generated by the system (guest/booking/payment information).

  3. To add your logo to the header, select the Insert/edit image button.

  4. Images need to be hosted online to add to the AbodeBooking system. The easiest way to do this is to use an image already on your own website and use the URL (Source) from there. To find out the source of the logo on your website, right click on your logo and select 'Open image in new tab' (or similar, depending on your browser). The URL (web address) of that page is the source of your image. If you want to add an image not already on your website, please contact your website developer, or ask us for help.

  5. Enter the image URL into the Source field, describe the image in the Image field, and edit the size in the dimensions field (150 wide is usually a good size). Select OK.

  6. Select the Align Centre button to put the logo in the middle.

  7. Next type your property address, and any other information you would like to include in your invoice header. Note: use the font/text edit buttons to help you customise the text. Hint: If you wish to have no spaces between the lines of your addresses, hold the Shift on your keyboard whilst pressing Enter.

  8. Enter information into the invoice footer in the same way.

  9. Note: To save your changes click anywhere in the white space on either side of the header or footer boxes.

  10. To add your GST/Tax/VAT number to your invoices, select Settings > System Settings > General Options > Scroll down to Tax. Enter the number in the Reference field. (Click anywhere in the white space on either side to save your changes)